Obama’s Renewable-Energy Fantasy
WSJ – July 5, 2015

Bill Gates recently noted that the cost of decarbonization using today’s technology is ‘beyond astronomical.’Read the full Article

When Summer Was Easy
WSJ – July 5, 2013

In rural America, the long, hot months used to mean books, bible school, high dives and war games. Our times are safer—and less fun. Read the full Article

Advanced Manufacturing – The New Industrial Revolution
WSJ – 6-10-13

  1. A Revolution in the Making – Digital technology is transforming manufacturing, making it leaner and smarter—and raising the prospect of an American industrial revival
  2. A Change in the Cost Equation -As their energy and labor expenses climb, developing nations face stiffer competition from U.S. Manufacturers
  3. After the Flood: Fabric Firms Hope for Dry Spell in Dyeing
  4. Build a Better Mousetrap—Fast – New facilities let entrepreneurs create physical products at speeds and costs that were once unthinkable
  5. It’s Not a Job, It’s a Game – Chemical firms need plant operators. One way to draw new talent: put the work into video simulators
  6. How 3-D Printing Works – The process turns conventional manufacturing on its head, producing objects from the bottom up
  7. Who Says Jay Leno Isn’t Cutting Edge? When it comes to making parts for his cars, the ‘Tonight Show’ host is a pioneer
  8. Help Wanted. A Lot of It. – Who’s going to fill all the high-skilled jobs that a manufacturing resurgence requires? That’s the question companies and governments are trying to answer.
  9. Forget Revolution. More Like Renovation.  At many U.S. manufacturing plants, the winds of change have barely caused a ripple
  10. What’s Hot in Manufacturing Technology – Cold spraying, factories in the dark, bio manufacturing—and other high-tech research to keep your eye on